Annual Report 2021

Image of Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021
(PDF 15.98MB)

Value Created by Meiji Yasuda

Value Created by Meiji Yasuda
(PDF 6.49MB)

  • Meiji Yasuda Philosophy
  • History of Our Challenges
  • Value Creation Process at Meiji Yasuda
  • Four Sources of Value Creation
  • Contributiong to the SDGs through Business Activities
  • Feature: Our Enviromental Protection Initiatives and Climate Change Response Based on Recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Feature: Pursuing Responsible Investment as an Institutional Investor
  • Financial and ESG Highlights
  • A Message from the President
  • Feature: “MY Mutual Dividends,” a New Mode of Policyholder Dividends Utilizing Our Unique Characteristecs as a Mutual Company
  • Topic: Status of the Payment of Insurance Claims and Benefits and Our Response to Policyholders Affected by the Fallout from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our Value Creation Strategies

Our Value Creation Strategies
(PDF 4.18MB)

  • Major Achievements of Successive Mediun-term Business Plans
  • About MY Mutual Way 2030-Our 10-year Plan
  • The Role of Phase Ⅰ in the 10-Year Plan
  • Review of Special After-Sales Service Program “Always by Your Side!” (April 2020 to March 2021)
  • MY Mutual Way Phase Ⅰ -Theree-year Program Spanning April 2021 to March 2024
  • Feature: Digital Transformation (DX) Strategy
  • A Message from Executive Officers in Charge of Finance and Capital Management
  • Four Major Reforms -Sales and Service, Core Functions and Administrative Service (Indivisual Insurance Marketing / Group Insurance Marketing) and Asset Management-
  • Overseas Insurance Business
  • Four Major Reforms -Mutual Company Management-
  • Brand Strategy
  • Two Major Projects
    “Wellness for All Project” and “Community Vitalization Project”
  • Corporate Culture and Brand Creation Activities

Business Foundation Supporting Value Creation

Business Foundation Supporting
Value Creation
(PDF 2.05MB)

  • Operation of Mutual Company
  • Management Structure
  • Initiatives to Enhance Our Governance Structure
  • A Message from the Chairman of the Board
  • Interview with Outside Directors
  • Directors, Executive Officers and Operating Officers
  • Internal Control System
  • ERM and Risk Management Structure
  • Compliance
  • IT Governance
  • Disclosure

Relationship with Stakeholders

Relationship with Stakeholders(PDF 2.49MB)

<Relationship with Customers>

  • Initiatives to Promote Customer-Oriented Business Operations
  • Initiatives to Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Regard to Sales Personnel
  • Initiatives to Enhance Customer Satisfaction via IT Utilization
  • Initiatives to Ensure the Swift, Accurate Payment of Insurance Claims and Benefits
  • Diversifying Our Sales Channels while Developing New Markets
  • Contributing to Innovation
  • Products and Services for Corporate and Group Customers
  • Our Overseas Insurance Initiatives

<Relationship with Local Communities>

  • Our Community and Social Contribution Activities
  • Our Initiatives to Address Environmental Concerns

<Relationship with Fellow Workers>

  • Promoting Diversity & Inclusion
  • Creating a Healthy Workplace Environment
  • Respecting Human Rights

Overview of Business Activities and Financial Results

Overview of Business Activities and Financial Results(PDF 535KB)

  • Status of Our Group Performance
  • Overview of Business Activities
  • External Ratings by Rating Agencies

Company Information

Company Information
(PDF 713KB)

  • Company Organization
  • Sources of Foundation Funds / Status of Employees / Status of the Accounting Auditor
  • Overview of the Insurance Company, Its Subsidiaries and Affiliates
    Domestic Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Others
    Overseas Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Others
  • Product List
  • Our History
  • International Directory

Additional Volume

Additional Volume(PDF 7.70MB)

  • Financial Section, including Consolidated Basis, Non-consolidated Basis and Supplementary Financial Information
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